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Inverness Home: CLAM’s First Ownership

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In 2014 CLAM sold its first permanently affordable home on the Community Land Trust model and the first such home sale in all of Marin County. As a Community Land Trust, CLAM retains ownership and stewardship of the land, which it leases for a nominal fee to the homeowners. When they wish to sell, the homeowners agree to work with CLAM to resell the home at an affordable price to the next homebuyer so that the home remains permanently affordable. Taking the cost of the land out of the equation makes the three-bedroom, two-bath home much more affordable.

This model of affordable home ownership has been used across the country for more than 30 years. It has proven to enable family economic stability and community wholeness in a housing market that is increasingly at odds with many salaries and wages.


CLAM purchased the foreclosed home near downtown Inverness in late 2012 with a no-interest $300,000 loan from a committed local donor. The following year, CLAM raised more than $140,000 from community donors, and benefitted from a grant of $15,000 from Wells Fargo Bank, to finance a thorough and green renovation—including donated kitchen appliances, a new roof and insulation, new septic system, new floors, and fresh paint inside and out. Green features include high-quality bamboo and marmoleum flooring, triple-paned windows, a vapor barrier underneath the home, and hybrid water heater.

Working with a lender with extensive experience with Community Land Trust homes, CLAM accepted applications from interested buyers in the spring of 2014. Two art teachers, along with their two young children, took ownership of the home in September 2014. This shared-equity home both enables the family to have stability and affordability and serves as a long-term asset for community health.

Path through the woods from Inverness home
Path through the woods from Inverness home