Stinson Beach’s First Affordable Homes


In 2015, CLAM was approached by members of the Stinson Beach community who had long wanted to create Stinson’s first affordable homes – and had found a willing property owner, Paul Goldsmith, who was selling his 8-unit apartment complex. Through the leadership of Stinson realtor Chris Harrington, the Stinson community won the support of the County of Marin and the Marin Community Foundation for this purchase. With community, political and foundation support in place, the community needed a non-profit organization that could acquire and manage the property. They approached CLAM – and we are delighted to be a part of such an inspiring effort!

This 2016 acquisition prevented the displacement of 6 residents, most of whom are longtime Stinson Beach community members, and all of whom are deeply invested in West Marin. This effort aligns with the County of Marin’s strategy to acquire existing property, thereby mitigating displacement, and preserve the property as affordable homes for years to come.

We celebrate the effort of Chris Harrington, Harriet Moss and many others that made this possible. We celebrate the effort of a local community uniting in new ways to prevent displacement and create affordable homes. We extend our gratitude to the Stinson community, to the County of Marin, and to the Marin Community Foundation for the partnership that made this possible.