CLAM Home enables continuity for young family in Point Reyes Station

“This is the town where my wife grew up.” —Alex Macias

Alex Macias, CLAM Resident, Point Reyes Station

Alex Macias lived with his wife and infant son at Mesa Apartments. CLAM purchased the four-unit Mesa apartment building in the heart of Point Reyes Station in 2010 after a year-long fundraising campaign that brought funds from community members, government funding sources, and foundations.

After living in the Mesa Apartments for four years, Alex and his family were able to double their income to reach 100% AMI (Area Median Income). At 100% AMI, they exceeded CLAM’s income requirements. They decided to give up their apartment to someone who needed it and now live in Marshall.

“This is the town where my wife grew up,” says Alex. “I can’t see myself living anywhere else – a town where everyone knows your first name and keeps traditions going year after year. I know I would like my son to do the same.”