Other Ways to Support CLAM

Consider selling or donating your land parcel, single-family home, duplex, or multifamily dwelling to CLAM. Check with your financial advisor about possible tax advantages of selling to CLAM at a discounted price.

Donate 1 percent of the sale of your property to CLAM’s “1 Percent for Affordable Housing” campaign.

Join CLAM’s Legacy Circle: including CLAM as a beneficiary in your will or living trust can be a significant and satisfying way to help CLAM achieve the vision for the communities we serve.

Donate your home to CLAM, reap the financial benefit while continuing to live in it.

To donate your car and have the proceeds go to CLAM call CARS at (855) 500-7433.

Make CLAM your life insurance beneficiary. Donate stocks and bonds

Make a matching gift

Make a memorial or honoring gift

Volunteer by assisting at events, doing light administrative work, joining a committee (eg, fundraising committe, Latino Advisory Committee), hosting a  house party to introduce your friends and neighbors to CLAM, and more!

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